[Hokkai-Do] website operator profile

This promotional campaign is managed by “ICHIITAISUI YUKO KAI HOKKAIDO", a study group working to attract to foreign visitors to Hokkaido.
With the backing of the Hokkaido Government, this website was planned and built by “ICHIITAISUI YUKO KAI HOKKAIDO” members from university seminars and private sector companies.

Our goal is to help as many foreign visitors as possible to increase their enjoyment of shopping, sightseeing, and eating in Hokkaido.
Please use this website with peace of mind.


1. Founding and purpose of activities

“ICHIITAISUI YUKO KAI HOKKAIDO” began its activities in October 2012.
Under the basic philosophy of “contributing to the expansion of domestic demand through tourism,” we discuss and work to overcome the challenges faced of strengthening Japan’s framework to receive visitors from the countries in the world, especially Asian countries.

2. Companies that comprise “ICHIITAISUI YUKO KAI HOKKAIDO”

AEON Hokkaido
Asahi Advertising
Chitose Outlet Mall Rera
Hokkaido Railway Company
Hokkai School of Commerce
Hokkaido Television Broadcasting (HTB)
Japan Airlines
JR Tower hotel nikko sapporo
Sapporo Prince Hotel

3. Campaign administrative office

ESCOM Co., Ltd.